The first few weeks of fall are always interesting.  To start, you get teased by the weather, especially in Northern California.  In the same week you can have rain one day and a few days later be hanging out in the backyard with shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops on.  Playoff baseball can be seen in the not so distant future while college football (GO DUCKS!) and the NFL are at the early part of their seasons.  The changeover from summer to fall is like any transition for me. I am not yet ready to say goodbye, but I am looking forward to what’s ahead.

I will miss the warm weather (ok, we really didn’t have much of that this year).  I will miss having the kids out of school and seeing them run like a bunch of crazies in the backyard with the sprinklers on.  I will miss bbq’ing on the Weber 3 times a week.  Summer is great, but I am ready for fall and what it brings along with it.

For Uncorked Ventures, fall is shaping up to potentially mean big things for us.  A number of marketing activities are beginning to bear some fruit for us.   Funny how you can toil at something for a good bit and then all of sudden things start to click.  While there is no guarantee everything we are doing will produce dividends, I am confident that we have planned and are executing thoughtfully.  Many thanks to my business partner who has been working the long hours and is enjoying the trails and tribulations of all of this with me.  It helps that he is family and that we share similar goals and that we know we can count on each other 100 percent.

Harvest in wine country has already started.  In California, it looks like it will be a particularly long harvest given the mild summer we had.  With patience and some good luck 2010 could produce some good and interesting wines.  In the meantime, we will continue to scour for the best of what’s available from previous vintages.  We have some exiting wine club shipments already planned for the fall so stay tuned.

Take care.