I can finally say that I have completed my digestion of the holidays both personally and business wise.  While I would have liked to hit the ground running as fast as I could on January 1st, it just didn’t happen.  Chalk it up to holiday travel, my first year of holiday sales with Uncorked Ventures, and a few other things but I was down right tired as the new year kicked off.  Lots of gray skies and rain didn’t motivate me much as well.

But here we are finishing up the third week of January and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle what should be an interesting and good year for me, my family, and Uncorked Ventures.  Having added a good number of customers in November and December, Uncorked Ventures is looking forward to more growth this year.  Both Mark and I have many ideas percolating that will be put into action in the coming weeks and months.  We aren’t typically short on ideas, but it does take a bit of time to bring them to action.  As our operations become even smoother this year we should have more time for growing the business versus just sustaining it.

As February approaches we are looking forward to heading off to wine country again.  We have already locked up some additional winery partners this year and are looking for more.  It will be good to get away for a few days and hang out, meet some new wineries and winemakers.  I still get a buzz when I find a great wine that I know others will love.  I only wish I could see first hand what some of our customers’ reactions will be when they try some of  the good juice coming their way.

If you have been thinking about joining a wine club,  join soon so you can take advantage of what we are shipping soon.

I think I should go spend sometime in the garden and enjoy this beautiful Northern California Saturday.

Take care.